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We present you our new summer-playlist on Spotify

On our Spotify account we have prepared a new playlist for you this week. It comes from our entire editorial team. We'd like to present you our favorite summer hits.

Here you find the new playlist with our summer-hits.

Each of us has chosen two songs which we will now introduce briefly:

Julia's first hit is "Dins un avió de paper". The singer Joan Miquel Oliver comes from Palma de Mallorca and writes Catalan songs. Julia likes it especially because it is a very relaxed song. It reminds her of mild summer evenings with a glass of wine on the terrace, mosquito bites, many friends, olives on the table and crickets chirping in the background. This is how our playlist starts quite calmly.Julia's second summer hit is called "Wenn jetzt Sommer wär`" and was written by the German singer Pohlmann. This song puts her in a good mood.


Next are the favourite summer songs of Guofeng. She chose "Sugar" by Robin Schulz because it reminds her of a school trip to Berlin. The year she was there, the song was brand new. There she went to a club for the first time, where the song was often played. The second hit is called "Mi Gente" by J Balvin and Willy William. This one stands for Guofeng for their Madrid language trip. There in Spain she made great experiences. It was the first time she was abroad without her family.


The Italian sea, a cold drink and a beautiful sunset. In Kim’s opinion „Vivere Tutte Le Vite“ by Elisa and Carl Brave would be the best companion for this situation. But it also reminds her just to be happy and content with what she has. And accompanied by the song, an evening on the balcony also feels like a holiday. Kim has also chosen the song „Afraid No More“ by Bukahara. She discovered this band a couple of years ago at a small festival – since then she is a big fan. The songs always bring back to her the feeling of freedom that she experienced dancing at all the concerts and being surrounded by happy people - even if now she can only dance in the kitchen.


Robin has chosen "Bamboleo" by the Gibsy Kings. It reminds him of holidays by the sea in Spain. He especially likes to go to Spain during his holidays because he finds the culture and language very interesting. His second summer hit is "Oye Como Va" by Carlos Santana. He is an American guitarist and "Oye Como Va" is one of his most famous songs. Robin thinks it is simply great how Santana plays the guitar. He could listen to it for hours.


For Regina a good holiday also includes a summer evening around a campfire. There was always a lot of guitar playing and singing - also the song "Better Together" by Jack Johnson. The song "Baianá" by Bakermat is for Regina like a box that you open and a holiday mood appears. She likes to hear it when she is on the road. Now she's looking forward to hearing it again when she's on vacation.


Finally Mo presents his summer hits. He especially likes "Despacito" by Luis Fonso. It reminds him of Spain and the beautiful islands there. His second hit is called "2002" and comes from the singer Anne-Marie. Mo likes her voice a lot and he likes the story behind the song. In the lyrics she tells about the summer of 2002 and about good times with her childhood friends.


We hope the playlist puts you in a good mood like us. :)

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