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Why we chose the name alvivi

Why we chose the name alvivi?

alvivi is an artificial name. This means that the word alvivi is a new invention and is made up of several names. However, alvivi is not made up of German words. It’s also not made up of English or Arabic words. The word alvivi is build up of Esperanto words.

Esperanto? A language that connects?

Esperanto is an artificially language. The idea of the language Esperanto is to unite the world. The language Esperanto is intended to facilitate communication between people from different cultures.  It‘s not assigned to any continent, country or folk. This means that no culture is preferred or disadvantaged.

Esperanto is also easy to learn. Because, unlike many other languages, it has a simple structure. For example, there are only a few basic rules and no irregular verbs.

- Esperanto connect and tries to make everything as simple as possible. Fits to alvivi, don't you think?

But what does alvivi mean?

The word alvivi is composed of the words alveni and vivi:

- alveni, means to arrive

- vivi, means to live

That's why: "alvivi. arrive. live. help."

If you want to know how the language Esperanto sounds, listen to the song "Esperanto" by Freundeskreis.

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