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My Voluntary Social Year at alvivi

It was almost a year ago that I started my Voluntary Social Year at alvivi. After graduating from high school I decided to gain practical experience and develop myself further. I also used the time to get to know myself and my interests better:

What are my strengths?
Where do I want to work later?
Which course of studies suits me best?

I have racked my brains over all these questions. But the FSJ has made me more aware of the direction I want to go in later and what I enjoy doing. Through the FSJ I was able to gain a lot of new experiences that others might not be able to gain. The Voluntary Social Year gave me the opportunity to get a taste of everyday working life and meet great people.

Now the time has come for a new phase in my life: My studies. Since my memories of the FSJ are too beautiful to keep them to myself, I would like to share them with you. Maybe you are in the same situation as I was in. You don't know exactly what will happen to you, but one thing is clear to you: You want to help yourselves and at the same time help other people. Then FSJ is the right place for you! Because at a FSJ you can not only get socially involved, but also develop yourself professionally and personally

Guofeng's favorite moments

My favourite memories are all the people I got to know through the FSJ. I felt especially comfortable at my colourful multi-cultural alvivi team. The working atmosphere was very pleasant, which is why I really enjoyed coming to the office. Besides the lunch breaks with the "Lidl Gang" I will miss the varied work with my Habibis. During my FSJ I got to know a lot of new things that I would not have been able to get to know easily otherwise - be it on a human or professional basis. I had the opportunity to get involved in the team and be a part of alvivi. I was also able to let off steam creatively and realize my ideas with the help of my helpful and super-nice colleagues. During my FSJ I was able to participate in events, workshops and seminars and pursue my interests. These activities have not only brought me forward personally but also professionally. I noticed what I really enjoy and what I might not enjoy - that's quite normal. At the end of the FSJ my questions, with which I had been occupied in the beginning, were answered. 

Being brave in Koblenz

An experience that will remain in my memory forever happened in Koblenz. There my education days took place, which I was allowed to choose myself. The two days were about getting to know your limits and testing your self-confidence. The aim of the education days was to master tasks only with the help of strangers. For one task we received 2 raw eggs. These 2 eggs had to be cooked hard by strangers. How and where we did the task was up to us. My partner and I decided to inquire at a nearby police station. And indeed: A policeman cooked us the two eggs hard and handed out a certificate at the end! 

This was only one of many experiences I made during the FSJ. If you also want to get involved and develop yourself further, then start your Voluntary Social Year! Besides the various FSJ offers, there are also voluntary services for refugees

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