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Omar Saidykhan and his training as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician

Omar Saidykhan fled from Gambia to Germany a few years ago. Thanks to the Ikubiz training association, he has not only found a training position as an automotive mechatronics technician at Beqir Hysenaj's ASW auto repair shop in Wieblingen, but also a fatherly supporter in Beqir. Beqir himself can tell a story of flight from Kosovo.

In our video, both talk about their special relationship, the family cohesion in the company and what special journey lies ahead for Omar after his training. Click here to watch the video (in German) on our YouTube channel:

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How did Omar come to ASW?

Omar recounts: My name is Omar Saidykhan and I am from Gambia. I have been here for four years; I came in August 2016. I came to ASW because I had already started a motor vehicle apprenticeship in Gambia and wanted to finish it here. First I did an internship in a carpentry workshop in Rohrbach. I worked there for two to three weeks. Mrs. Rindone from ikubiz helped me to find an internship. Thanks to her, it was easy. For myself, all by myself, it was a bit difficult: I had tried twice. For example, in Heidelberg: I went to a company and my contact person said I needed my school-leaving certificate before I could do an internship.

Beqir adds: In the end, Omar came to us, through Giuseppina Rindone from ikubiz. It's funny: he came in, I asked what his name was, he answered 'Omar'. My son's name is also Omar. That's why I then said, 'Okay, you're hired.' We'll find out later whether you're up for the job or not." 

My brother and I, our whole team, we love what we do. I try to keep the atmosphere here very family-like. That cohesiveness comes from my parents: they put a lot of emphasis on us all sticking together. There's no "this is mine, this is yours" here. Everything is ours. 

Omar: Beqir knows how I feel because he has had similar experiences. He has fled himself and knows how difficult everything is or can be. That is also why he wanted to help me. So that everything goes well for me, too. And that's why I want to continue working for him.

Beqir: What I experienced was enough to make you cry. When I think back on it, I sometimes cry. At that time, I had no possibility at all to do an apprenticeship. That's why I had to get a special permit from the immigration authorities. The authorities wanted to deport my family and me because the Kosovo war was over. We slept in the car every night for three months because we were afraid of being deported. But then my siblings and I all went to an education. We tried to find a line and a direction to integrate here. Today, it's all easier.

When asked what Beqir particularly appreciates about him, Omar replies, "I can't say. I work, I'm patient.... Maybe that's it? I don't know. 

Beqir: Respect, steadfastness, reliability, punctuality, humor and assertiveness. These are things that Omar brings to the table. He sets a goal and says, "That's where I want to go." 

Omar: In our country, the Gambia, you have to pay for school. I couldn't pay for it, I didn't have enough money, even though I would have liked to finish my education there. The education system here in Germany helps all people, whether you are poor or not. You can still go to school here and finish your education. I like that very much.

Beqir: I didn't have any doubts at all that Omar wouldn't be able to complete the training. Giuseppina Rindone said at the time that Omar couldn't speak German. But I didn't care, I said that he would learn it. I couldn't speak German either. In the meantime, Omar speaks perfectly for me: he knows the technical terms, that's enough for me. 

There is only one thing that scares me: What if I am not there and someone comes and insults Omar? You never know. He is black. Something like that can happen very quickly. Despite everything, I'm pleased, and I really have to emphasize this: Omar is extremely popular with the customers we have.

In the course of our interview, Omar also talks about what he misses in Germany.

Omar: I miss my mom, every day. But I am also happy here because I have another "family" here. Our master here helps me a lot.

Beqir: I promised Omar: When your education is finished, we will visit your mother. If necessary, we'll get in the car, drive all the way down to Italy, squat in the ship and drive all the way across to Africa. What is more important than family? Nothing for me.

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