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Apply now: Qualification IAQ for refugees and asylum seekers

On 15 August 2020, the 6th Engineering Science Graduate-Oriented Qualification (IAQ) will start at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. The IAQ is an advanced training program and it takes 12 months to complete it.
The goal is having better chances to get a good job in Germany that matches your qualifications after the advanced training.

Who can participate in the IAQ program?

  • Persons in asylum proceedings and recognized refugees
  • with residence in Rhineland-Palatinate,
  • a MINT university degree obtained abroad (mathematics | computer science| natural science | technology),
  • and German language skills at a good B1 level.
In the past qualification programs, 84% of the graduates have managed to get a job that matches their qualifications!

What do I have to do in the 12 months of IAQ?

The qualification is divided into two halves, a university phase and a practical phase:
During the university phase in the first 6 months you will be at the University of Kaiserslautern at the Zweibrücken campus. You can also live on campus during this time. You will test your skills and competences in engineering projects, get to know typical work processes, get used to the working culture in Germany and improve your German language skills. In addition, you will deepen your technical knowledge individually.
During the practical phase in the following 6 months you will be working in a company. There you will learn how your working day can look like and develop more self-confidence for your tasks. You will be able to prove your skills and maybe even convince the company of you 😊
At the end of the IAQ program you will receive a certificate from the University of Kaiserslautern after successful participation.
You can find more details and information about the individual phases here https://www.iq-zmint.de/ 

How can I apply?

Fill out the application form on this page: https://www.iq-zmint.de/index.php/fuer-zugewanderte/bewerbung
You also need to upload these documents:
  • Your resume
  • A copy of your professional diploma or university diploma with a German translation (if available)
The closing date for applications is 30 May 2020.
Any questions? Please contact Regina Vögel: Phone 0631/3724-5407, eMail: regina.voegel@hs-kl.de.

The qualification is a sub-project of the IQ State Network Rhineland-Palatinate and is funded within the framework of the "Integration through Qualification" (IQ) funding program. There are no costs for participants. Living costs continue to be covered by the respective funding agency. Participants with a long journey from Rhineland-Palatinate to Zweibrücken can live on campus in student accommodation during the university phase.
The engineering qualification is offered by the "Integration and Qualification Centre for MINT Professions" in Rhineland-Palatinate (IQ-Z-MINT), which is part of the education and further education network pro-mst at the University of Kaiserslautern and has been carried out since 2016.

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