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The online tandem is looking for interested participants!

For many weeks, social life has been reduced to a minimum due to the Corona pandemic. Meetings with friends and family should be avoided and cultural events are not possible. 

Do you still wish to have contact and exchange with other people?
The online tandem project of Malteser International in Ludwigshafen offers the solution. People from different backgrounds and cultures can use WhatsApp, Skype & Co. to exchange information despite corona.
Practising German, sharing experiences, making being alone a little easier - the content of the conversations is individual and depends on the interests and needs of the conversation partners. 

If you're interested, please contact

Mrs. Kerttu Taidre
Coordinator of the Malteser Intercultural Meeting Place (MiB)
Mobile: 0160/1532178

They will put you in touch with a suitable contact person. One or two talks per week are recommended. 

The Malteser Intercultural Meeting Place (MiB) in Ludwigshafen wants to bring people with and without migration background closer together. Interested Ludwigshafen residents of different cultures can get to know and exchange ideas in a variety of projects. 

MiB is financially supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Homeland Affairs and is carried out in cooperation with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


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