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Learn German on the road

The vhs learning portal is a free app of the German Adult Education Association. The app consists of various online courses: There are literacy courses for native speakers of German, courses for German as a second language, courses to prepare for school leaving examinations and open courses for further basic education.

You can also use the courses offline. Learners are tutored through the courses. The app is easy to use and contains no barriers. For users with little reading experience the app offers texts as audio versions. In German courses up to B1 level, the entire navigation and descriptions of content and learning objectives are available in 18 languages.


Target groups

German courses

The German courses are aimed at adults who wish to learn German as a second language at levels A1, A2, B1 or B2. In these courses language skills are systematically built up.


The course "Writing" is suitable for functional illiterates or people who want to improve their written language skills. All relevant levels are covered (Alpha Level 1 to Alpha Level 4).

Writing and reading at work

The course "Writing and reading at work" is aimed at the same target group as the course "Writing". Furthermore, adults with German as a second language at level A2 can participate in this course. This course is characterised by a high level of practical relevance to the workplace.


The course "Calculation" is mainly intended for those who cannot calculate or cannot calculate sufficiently. Through systematic learning the users are guided to elementary arithmetic.

Preparation for the school leaving certificate

Adults who are preparing to catch up on the Certificate of Secondary Education (Hauptschulabschluss) or the qualifying Certificate of Secondary Education (qualifizierender Hauptschulabschluss) can use this course. Exercises are offered in the subjects German, Mathematics and English.


More information about the vhs learning portal can be found here.


Apps for the vhs learning portal

Here you can find all apps of the vhs learning portal. Just click on the desired course and you will be redirected to install the app.


Offline Learning: Apps for the German courses

All functions of the apps for the German courses can also be used offline.





Learning on the move: App "Basic education mobile

The app "Basic Education Mobile" is a playful supplement to the courses "Writing" and "Calculation". Anyone who wants to take a closer look at skills can use this app to improve reading, writing and arithmetic on the move - and have fun learning.


Speaking in everyday situations: App "Introduction to German"

This app focuses on oral communication in typical everyday situations. This app was primarily created for refugees. However, anyone can use this app. The most important words, phrases and expressions are taught here. The learners listen to dialogues and repeat the sequences - the tasks can vary. Grammar is deliberately not taught. The learning program is translated into 10 languages.


You can find more information about the apps here.


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