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Listen to the alvivi Playlist on Spotify!

alvivi is now also on Spotify! There we will have some surprises prepared for you!

First of all we would like to introduce to you some of the favourite songs of the alvivi editorial team. The music we like to listen to is as different as the people in our team. Because of the many things we can't do right now, many of us associate the songs with special memories from before the Corona crisis.

Click here to find the playlist on Spotify: alvivi-Redaktion Tracks auf Spotify

Guofeng picked out two R'n'B hits. "One Dance" reminds her of good times with friends and partying in the club. "Believe it" has a special meaning for her: It reminds her of a good friend. Guofeng says: Friends who show you music are special people.

The songs "Long Black Train" and "Leaving on a Jetplane" remind Mohammad of a thing we can't do because of Corona nowadays: Travelling. He misses being on the road. This music gives him a good feeling at home.

Regina has chosen 2 songs that fit into spring time. "Ausgehen" is a new song by the band Annenmaykantereit. With this song you can also practice German. She especially likes the dark voice of the singer. The second song "Hell N Back" is perfect for a relaxed and sunny evening on the balcony.

Julia has chosen the song "In my Groove" by Mikaela Davis. She  discovered this artist a few years ago at Mayfield Derby. This is a music festival in Mannheim. Usually it takes place in summer. Julia also likes to listen to the music of Jarabe De Palo, because she learned Spanish with it. Her favourite song is "Bonito". You can dance to it at home and the song puts you into a good mood.

From Spanish music we go on to Italy. Mario first shows us a real Italian classic: Vasco Rossi. He is very famous in Italy - just like Bruce Springsteen in the US. The musician has accompanied Mario all his life and reminds him of moments like a concert in front of 220.000 people in Modena. You can't imagine such a big event at the moment. His second song comes from Fred De Palma and is called "Una volta ancora". For Mario it is the summer hit 2019, which reminds him of sun, beaches and the sea. Because we don't know at the moment if we'll be allowed to go on holiday this year, he listens to this music to „transport“ him to Italy.

Lastly Robin shows us two songs which he especially likes to listen to during the Corona time: "The Greatest" by James Blunt is dedicated to all helpers and people who are now working in hospitals. He especially likes the song "Sun Goes Down" by Robin Schulz and Jasmine Thompson because of the singer's voice. When he watches the sunset from his window in the evening, he knows that at some point everything goes on.

You see - we all long for travelling, trips with friends and holidays at the sea. Until we are allowed to do all this again, we listen to this playlist. That puts us in a good mood!

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