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Industrial law

The rights and obligations of an employee are regulated in the employment contract, the collective bargaining agreement, the works agreement and in laws. In general these include:

Rights of the employee:

  •    Receipt of income for services rendered

  •    right to employment

  •     the right to freedom of expression, taking into account the interests of the employer, custormers and contractual partners

  •     right to equal treatment

  •     right of access to the personal file

  •     right to leave, parental leave and uninterrupted leisure

  •     right to breaks (lunch break)

  •     right to a job reference after termination

  •    right to the employer's duty of care

  •    right of co-determination for at least five permanent employees through Works Constitution Act

  •   right to protection against dismissal as soon as employment relationship lasts longer than six months

Obligations of the employee:

  •     Handing over of wage tax card and social security certificate to the personnel department of the company

  •    Work/service obligation: performing the agreed work

  •     Fiduciary duty: employee must stand up for the interests of the company

  •     Duty to obey or operational duty of consideration to ensure the order and safety of the company

  •   Obligation of secrecy

  •   Obligation to handle materials and tools with care

  •     Obligation to apply protective measures in accordance with the employer's instructions

  •     Obligation to report sick

  •    Duty to provide information on the status of work

  •     Obligation to provide correct information, e. g. B. Expenses, loss of duty

  •    non-competition: the employee must not act as a direct competitor to his employer

  •    Obligation to report a pregnancy

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