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Tick season has started

Many people use the present time for walks in the forest. This way they avoid close contact with people. However, contact with ticks cannot be prevented there. Here we explain how you can best protect yourself from ticks and recognize symptoms.

Infection and symptoms

The Rhine-Neckar district in particular is a risk area for the infectious disease "FSME" (early summer meningoencephalitis). This infectious disease can be transmitted by ticks. Symptoms are fever, vomiting and headaches. The infection can only lead to neurological problems in severe cases. These include paralysis.

Another disease caused by tick bites is "Lyme disease". Here the nervous system and the joints can be attacked. Typical signs are usually redness at the bite site and flu-like symptoms. These include fever and swelling of the lymph nodes.

If you would like to hike in the forest, you can find out here where the risk areas are.

How to protect yourself


Vaccination is still the safest remedy against FSME. Vaccination is therefore highly recommended. Especially for those who are often out and about in the forest or in nature.

Unfortunately there is no vaccination against Lyme disease.

One should not only be vaccinated against ticks. That's why you should take a look at the vaccination calendar from the Robert Koch Institute. This calendar contains recommended standard vaccinations for babies, children, teenagers and adults. 

There are some sprays which have a repellent effect against ticks. In addition, light, closed clothing and sturdy shoes help to keep ticks away. Furthermore, you should avoid dense terrain or green.
The public health department recommends that children and pets in particular should be thoroughly checked for ticks after spending time in the countryside.

How to remove ticks

As soon as a tick is detected, it should be removed as soon as possible. This sucks itself at the body place. So you can minimize the risk of infection. A tweezer is suitable as an aid. You can also use special tick tweezers or tick cards. The body of the tick should not be crushed. In no case moisten the tick with glue or nail polish. In this way you will simplify the transmission of pathogens.

You can find more detailed instructions on how to remove ticks here: https://www.zecken.de/de/zecken-entfernen


Stay alert and healthy!

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