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Corona virus: these jobs are urgently sought!

The Corona virus has many consequences. One of them is the reduction or loss of jobs. Many jobs are lost, but some professions are now more in demand than ever. Especially young people and people who do not belong to the risk groups are being sought. So if you have the time and desire to help, you should use them. Here we introduce you to areas where help is urgently needed:

1. To translate in medical emergencies: "Triaphon" is a project that was started because of the Corona crisis. So people with language barriers can also be informed about the virus. So if you speak German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Farsi/Dari, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish or Vietnamese, volunteer to interpret for "Triaphon". You can find more information about this and registration here.

2. Temporary jobs in the call centre: If you like helping other people with their problems and questions, the call center is the right place for you. Here you can support and advise people without getting too close to them. We in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region are also desperately looking for volunteers. 

3. Temporary jobs in the supermarket: Even if we shouldn't do it, many people do it: hamster shopping. They buy products in very large quantities, be it toilet paper, pasta or other things. Our supermarkets do not have supply bottlenecks. Our supply of goods is secured. There is enough for everyone. The employees just can't keep up with putting things away. Therefore your help is necessary! If you want to invest your time in a useful way, ask your local supermarket if they need someone else.

4. Temporary jobs as supplier: restaurants, bars and cafés have to close. But delivery services may continue to operate. Therefore, more food is ordered via Amazon or Rewe. But these are not the only ones. Delivery services like Lieferando and Co. also need more employees. Contact the delivery services directly and ask them how much they need temporary jobs.

5. Nurses and doctors: In hospitals, the employees have all hands full. Therefore, according to the Federal Minister of Health, former nurses and doctors are being reactivated. This means that those who are actually already retired will be brought back. Of course only if they can and want to. Because their health also comes first. But medical students should also be prepared for all measures.

6. Volunteer helpers at the blackboard: The blackboards are also affected. Some of them had to close down, as there are often many working there who belong to the risk groups. This is where you come in! Young people can inquire at the next food bank if they are still looking for volunteers, for example to distribute food to those in need. You can use the Tablet Search to find the next Tablet in your city.

7. GoVoluntueer - largest volunteer community: GoVolunteer has assembled a team of engagement experts. They research daily updated information. Afterwards they summarize everything in a clearly arranged newsletter. Among other things, it shows how each can help to contain the effects of the virus. If you would like to support the team of, then register with your CV at You will help the team with research, writing texts or updating the website. You can find more information here.

Sample pages where you can find job advertisements for the above mentioned areas:

So if you are able to do so and have no health problems, you are very welcome to ask in these areas whether help is still needed. But also you should take care of your health and not endanger your fellow men. Here you will find a leaflet about your self-assessment of your risk of infection.

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