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Help, in times of Corona

Many people don´t need be afraid of the Corona virus. The virus is only dangerous for a few target groups. The groups at risk are people aged 70 years or older. People who have pre-existing conditions, for example asthma or similar lung diseases, are also at high risk. Since the virus is only transmitted from person to person, everyone should avoid contact with humans in the near future. Therefore it is important, to help exactly these people and to support them in their everyday life.


You can throw a letter in the mailbox, offering help to your neighbors. For example, if you go to the supermarket or pharmacy, you can offer to buy food for the affected people. This can mean a few new patients less. . .

If you do not yet know the German language perfectly, here is an example that you can simply copy or paste:  

Liebe Nachbarinnen und Nachbarn,

wir wollen, dass Sie möglichst gesund bleiben!

Sollten Sie wegen der aktuellen Krisenlage Unterstützung brauchen, helfen wir gerne!

Bitte geben Sie Bescheid, wenn wir durch Einkäufe, Besorgungen oder Informationen helfen können.

Wir gehen das gemeinsam an. Einfach melden.

Hier sind unsere Namen und Kontaktdaten:…………………………


Dear neighbours,
we want you to stay as healthy as possible!
If you need support because of the current crisis situation, we are happy to help!
Please let us know if we can help with purchases, errands or information.
We're in this together. Just report.
Here are our names and contact details:...............................



You can also hang a note on your door:


ich biete Hilfe für Menschen, die sich in Risikogruppen befinden. Falls Sie gerne meine Hilfe haben wollen, klingeln Sie einfach an der Klingel mit dem Namen:………………………………..

Ich freue mich darauf, Ihnen helfen zu können! :D



I offer help for people who are in risk groups. If you would like to have my help, just ring the bell with the name:.............................
I look forward to helping you! :D

If you want to help, you can do this  also easily via the internet, there are already some websites where you can offer or look for help. Websites for this are:

https://wirhelfen. eu/

https://nebenan. de/

All sites are just starting to develop and will change in the near future!

donating blood

Another good way to help is to donate blood, because especially now few people go to donate blood, because they are afraid of getting infected. But right now it is important, that a lot of blood is donated. As hospitals expect many more patients than normal. This is why hospitals need more blood than normal. The areas where blood is taken are very very clean. So it is not more dangerous to donate blood than to go shopping in the supermarket. It's even less dangerous. And so many lives can be saved.

Good to know: Donating blood is always good, whether Corona time or not!


Mental support is just as important!

So call the people who are affected and talk to them how she is doing and offer your help again personally. Or record a podcast for your loved ones or for the whole Internet. Skype or Facetime are also a good way to stay in touch with others.


no hamster purchase

You can help by buying only what you need. You don't have to make so-called hamster purchases, where you get toilet paper, etc. in huge quantities. If you shop normally, everyone has the same amount.

Restaurants and bars are going through very difficult times. Only a few still go to these places and therefore they lack a lot of money. If you have money left over, you can buy vouchers at these stores or donate money to support them financially.


keep distance

The most important thing you can do now is to keep your distance to everyone you see. Never shake hands with anyone again and let the meetings with friends be complete! This is the only way, to avoid a huge increase of infected people


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