Public housing & housing benefits

Public housing (Sozialwohnungen)

In most towns and municipalities, there are social housing projects that are subsidised by the state in order to make low-cost rent possible. These flats may therefore only be rented to population groups in need. In order to rent such an apartment, you need a residence entitlement permit (Wohnberechtigungsschein). If your income is below a certain limit, you can apply for a residence entitlement permit with your city or municipal administration. In most cases, the housing office is responsible for it.


A residence entitlement permit is only valid for a limited period. You should therefore take care of an extension timely!



Residence entitlement permit
Public housing



Residence entitlement permit

Public housing



Residence entitlement permit
Public housing


Housing benefit (Wohngeld)

As a tenant, you may be entitled to housing benefit. Whether and to what extent you receive this rent subsidy depends on the number of household members, the amount of your total income and the amount of rent.


You can calculate whether and how much housing benefit you are entitled to using a housing benefit calculator. Eight federal states offer such a housing benefit calculator online.

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