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Flea market: buy and sell things cheaply

On weekends, normal inhabitants of a town or municipality often gather in a public place to sell used items to the public. This is called a "flea market". Often these people bring their children to teach them how to recycle old things that are no longer needed. Besides these private sellers there are also professional sellers or traders, especially at large flea markets. They drive through towns and villages to buy used goods at reasonable prices so that they can sell them again at flea markets.

Just like the sellers, the visitors of these markets are very different. Some come to find something specific that they need. Others get up early in the morning on weekends to pursue their favorite hobby: going to flea markets and just watching and watching.

Flea markets in Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen are no rarity. You can find almost everything there. From home furniture and bicycles to antiques and old paintings. The prices are often low and reasonable. Maybe you can find a used but usable vacuum cleaner for only 10 Euro or a guitar for 50 Euro! If you can negotiate well, you can often get your flea market treasures even cheaper.

It's best to be careful when buying, otherwise you will be surprised at home that something doesn't work. Take a good look at what you want and make sure it is not broken before you pay for it and take it with you. Especially if you want to have an electrical device. Remember: If the device does not work later, you must dispose of it properly. Even if it is cheap. You should not throw electrical appliances or furniture in the normal rubbish or simply put them on the street. There are certain times of the year for the disposal of defective (electrical) parts, which must be respected.

Can I sell at flea markets myself?

Sure! You just have to contact the organizers of these markets. Usually the cities and municipalities are responsible for the organisation of these markets. A small amount of money is charged for renting a stand, but not always.

Flea markets with opening hours and contact persons

Krempelmarkt Mannheim

Flea markets in Mannheim

Flea markets in Heidelberg

Flea markets in Ludwigshafen 

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