Apartment search: Adresses and tips

If you are looking for an apartment or a house, the Internet is the first source of information. There are providers who specialise in procuring apartments and houses. Many newspapers also publish flat advertisements on their websites.
Also a view into the actual newspaper is worthwhile itself. Ask neighbours, acquaintances or the newspaper directly beforehand, on which weekday the housing advertisements are published. Often they are in the weekend edition.

If you have found something suitable, you have to contact the landlord or the seller. The offers include either a telephone number or an email address. Sometimes, codes or letters are listed, the so-called ciphers ("Chiffres"). You must reply to an advertisement with a "Chiffre" in writing and send a letter to the newspaper. This letter will then automatically be forwarded to the landlord. Don't forget to mention the corresponding "Chiffre" number on the envelope and in your letter.

Help from the housing office

The housing office of your city or municipality can also help you find an accommodation. Often flats are directly brokered there. If this is not the case, the staff of the housing office can at least help you with useful addresses and information.

Hiring a real estate agent

You can also call on the help of real estate agents. They will arrange apartments and houses for money. You will find contact addresses for them in yellow pages and local telephone directories. Please note: If you hire a real estate agent, you may have to pay a maximum of two months' rent plus taxes when renting your accommodation.

Find more information ont he website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).


Local appartment search

City, municipality, district administration: Housing office

GAG Ludwigshafen

Daily newspapers:

Rheinpfalz Immo (for Rhineland-Palatinate)

Immo morgen (for Mannheim and surroundings) (for the Rhine-Neckar region)

Adverstising papers such as "Wochenblatt"

Real estate agents (mediation fee required if you successfully find housing)



Facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups in which users offer their flats or flats. Here is an example if you are on Facebook: Wohnung oder WG in Mannheim gesucht oder frei?! (Are you looking for an apartment or flat share in Mannheim or free?)


Real estate websites

There are also many real estate portals that can help you find an apartment. In the website search, you can also include the location, price and area you are looking for:


ebay Kleinanzeigen




alvivi ist das Info-Portal für Flüchtlinge, Migranten und Helfer.

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