Fördermöglichkeiten für Vereine und Initiativen

Funding opportunities for associations and initiatives

Representatives of BASF SE's Corporate Citizenship Team provided information about BASF's commitment in the region the strategic gials associated with it and important application formalities.

We explained the CC strategy with the help of a map of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and coloured building blocks representing the IOOI method (Input, Output, Outcome and Impact). It was important for us to convey that BASF SE does not operate according to the watering can principle, but that the focus when making donations is on sustainable impact. It was also very important for us to remove the inhibition threshold to get in contact with us.

The participants were very interested, especially in the formalities and criteria for the awarding of donations (reference to the homepage - www.basf.de/cc, handing out the information sheet "Social commitment for the region" and the application form).

The open and lively discussion confirmed to us that an understanding of BASF SE's corporate citizenship strategy and donations could be conveyed and that we can only learn a lot from each other through dialogue based on partnership.


Klaus Gasteiger, Regina Schmidt, Sylvia Weiler,
Corporate Citizenship BASF SE

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