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Myths and rumours about Corona

Many people are afraid of the Corona virus. There are many rumours and fake news on the internet. These contribute to frighten people even more. That's why we expose myths and rumours about Corona here, to take away some of your fear.


  1. The sun and temperatures above 25°C prevent the virus: THAT'S WRONG, because COVID-19 cases have been reported in countries with very warm weather. To protect yourself, you should wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose with your hands.
  2. Once I have had Corona, I will carry it inside me forever: THAT'S WRONG, because most people recover from it. If you test positive, you should treat the symptoms.
  3. If I can hold my breath for 10 seconds or more without coughing or feeling bad, I do not have a Corona: THAT'S WRONG, because the most common symptoms are dry cough, fatigue and fever. The best way to get tested for COVID-19 is the laboratory test. You cannot confirm whether you have Corona with this breathing exercise. It can even be dangerous.That's why you shouldn't do it. 
  4. Drinking alcohol protects me from COVID-19: THAT'S WRONG, because frequent and excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of health problems. Alcohol is therefore not helpful, but dangerous and harmful.
  5. UV lamps can kill the viruses: THAT'S WRONG, because UV radiation can cause skin irritation. Therefore, UV lamps should not be used to sterilize hands or other areas of the skin. 
  6. Vaccines against pneumonia protect me from the new corona virus: THAT'S WRONG, because the virus is so new and different that it needs its own vaccine. Researchers are currently trying to develop a vaccine against COVID-19. Nevertheless, vaccination against respiratory diseases is strongly recommended to protect health.
  7. Regular rinsing of the nose with saline solution helps to prevent infection with the virus: THAT'S WRONG, because there is no evidence that this process has protected against the corona virus. However, there is some evidence to suggest that rinsing with saline solution helps to speed up recovery from a cold.
  8. By eating garlic, an infection with COVID-19 can be prevented: THAT'S WRONG, because garlic is only a healthy food. Garlic has antimicrobial properties. But garlic does not have the ability to protect you from the virus.
  9. The Corona Virus is only dangerous for the elderly: THAT'S WRONG, because people of all ages can be infected with the virus. Elderly people and people with previous illnesses such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease may be more susceptible. Especially for these people, hand and respiratory hygiene is important.
  10. Only people with pre-existing conditions can die: THAT'S WRONG, because according to reports, healthy people have also died from the virus. Amongst others also doctors, who can be assumed to have gone to work in good health.
  11. Antibiotics help against the novel corona virus: THAT'S WRONG, because antibiotics work against bacteria and not against viruses. The corona virus is a virus. Antibiotics should not be taken as a means of prevention or treatment. However, there is some evidence to suggest that rinsing with saline solution helps to speed up recovery from a cold.
  12. Pets can also be infected and spread the virus: THAT'S WRONG, because there is no evidence that animals can transmit the virus. However, it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after contact with animals.
  13. A breathing mask protects me from COVID-19: THAT'S WRONG, because the simple mouth-nose protection does not protect me from infection with the virus. The mask is rather used to prevent one's own viruses from being transmitted to others. The best protection is to wash your hands.
  14. Items from China or Italy are dangerous: THAT'S WRONG, because infection with the virus via the surface of objects is currently considered unlikely. This includes food, toys and other goods.
  15. I should avoid people with a Chinese or East Asian appearance: THAT'S WRONG, because their appearance does not indicate their origin. Furthermore, you cannot tell from their appearance whether this person has been in the epidemic area or has had contact with people from this region. In China the number of infected people is slowly decreasing. Many are even going back to work.
  16. The corona virus is not so dangerous: THAT'S WRONG, because especially for poorer countries there is the danger of not being able to control the virus for a longer period of time.  Wealthier countries like Germany have the means to hold out.  


You should take the current situation very seriously and follow the measures. You should also remain calm. There is no reason to panic. Find out about the latest events and questions on serious sites like If you want to know more about the myths and rumours of Corona, then take a look here. And don't forget: always wash your hands!


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