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Ideas for trips in our region

This year everything is a bit different - especially when it comes to holidays. But the fact that many people had to cancel their planned holidays does not mean that you have to stay at home all day.
We want to present some regional destinations where you can spend a good time this summer - almost like holidays.

  • A trip to the small town of Ladenburg. The town is located on the Neckar river very close to Mannheim and has an impressive medieval town centre - perfect for a walk. You can also take the S-Bahn along the Neckar river, which already feels like a holiday.


  • There are many hiking routes around the cities in the metropolitan region. A special one is the tour "6 Castles on the Neckar" near Neckargemünd. Although the route is not short, you can see several sights along one route - and take short breaks there every now and then.


  • Eberstadt stalactite caves: in Buchen in the Odenwald you can visit a stalactite cave that is one to two million years old. It is about 600 m long and the tour takes about 1 hour. Here you can book a guided tour. The area around the cave also has a large playground for children and an educational trail with explanatory pictures to learn something about geology.


  • If you make a trip to Heidelberg, you probably want to get a good view over the city. This can be done from Heidelberg Castle - or from the other side of the Neckar. There you will find Heidelberg's Philosophers' Path. This path is about 2 or 3 kilometers long and offers a great view of the Neckar, the bridges and the castle.


  • The Rheingönheim Wildlife Park in Ludwigshafen is the perfect destination for the whole family. From wild boars to rabbits and owls, many different animals can be observed there. The wildlife park also includes a petting zoo and a barefoot path - there is something for everyone.


  • The Felsenmeer (english sea of rocks)  in the Odenwald sounds like an adventure just because of its name. If you want to visit the nature reserve and climb up the big rocks, it is not far away. You can find more information here.


  • In Edenkoben in the Palatinate there are many things to discover. From Villa Ludwigshöhe you can walk a little way to a cable car. This cable car takes you in gondolas for 2 persons each up the mountain to the castle ruins of Rietburg. The cable car itself is an exciting experience - and offers a great view over the Palatinate.


  • Those who prefer to stay in the city can take a walk and view the most beautiful street art works. On this map you can see all current works and a street map with route.

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