Corona Maskenschutz Straße Entsorgung
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This is how you dispose masks properly!

Masks made of plastic, self-sewn masks made of fabric or masks with or without filter: There are many different variants of the mouth-nose protection. But they have one thing in common: All masks must be disposed of in the residual waste! This means that all masks go into the black waste bin.

No masks belong here

Recently, masks have been found more often on streets or sidewalks. But they do not belong there! Likewise, the face mask should not be thrown in the waste paper basket or in the organic waste, because masks contain small parts that cannot be recycled. Broken fabric masks should not be disposed of in the old clothes collection, as it cannot be excluded that the fabric mask is full of viruses. Furthermore, the toilet is a taboo for the disposal of masks. Disposable masks consist mainly of material that does not dissolve in the waste water. Therefore the sewage pipes could be blocked.

Therefore, please be careful when disposing of your masks to protect yourself and your fellow human beings. After taking off your mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. On our Instagram account we will show you how to do this.


Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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