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The Corona Lexicon

For three months now the Corona virus has had a firm grip on us. Some things have changed in that time. There are so many things that can be linked to Corona now: Corona hairdressers, Corona parties and much more! That's why we'd like to introduce you to a Corona lexicon - a lexicon from A to Z, about the new life with Corona.

A for drive-in cinemas:

People thought that drive-in cinemas stopped in the 1950s and will never come back. But Corona revived drive-in cinemas and they are really popular!

B for books:

Since we probably had to spend more time at home than ever before, we always had to find new things to do. Maybe you are also one of those who had a book in their hands after a long time. If you are still looking for good books, then you are welcome to stop by here. We have put together a few book tips for you.

C for Covidiots:

That's how you describe people protesting against the Corona measures.

D for drugstore markets:

In times of the pandemic, drugstores were an important contact point for many people: here they bought lots of toilet paper and disinfectants. Often the shelves were empty, so some had to drive to the next drugstore for toilet paper.

E for harvest helper:

At the beginning of the crisis the question of who would pick the asparagus from the fields during the Corona crisis was dealt with. This question could be answered in the end: Eastern European harvest workers were allowed in after all.

F for fitness studio:

It was a tough time for the sportsmen. Fitness studios were closed for a long time. So nobody could train on the machines anymore and they had to continue their work-out at another place. Now the gyms are open again and everyone can continue working on their six-pack.

G for Gütersloh:

They thought they were almost rid of the virus: But then the corona virus broke out in a meat factory. Now the city has become a corona hotspot and 7000 employees and their families are in quarantine.

H for home office:

Closed workplaces and schools created stressful situations for millions of people. Not only working from home is a change for them, but also the simultaneous childcare led many to their limits. For some, home office seems to be quite pleasant.

I for Ischgl:

The town is not only known for its ski resorts, but also for the fact that the corona virus may have spread from there over large parts of Europe.

J for Jobcenter:

Very many people have lost their jobs because of Corona. Many are still looking for a new job and get advice from the job centre.

K for contact restriction:

For a while we were not allowed to meet people from more than 2 households, now the measures were relaxed. However, the minimum distance of 1.5m still applies. Large gatherings should be avoided.

L for Lockdown:

Lockdown means a curfew on a building or in a certain area. With a "Lockdown" you should stay at home.

M for mouthguard:

In the past, Asians were looked at with wonder because they wore masks even in Corona-free times. Now wearing a mouth and nose protector is more important than ever. But also the disposal of the mask plays a big role. Here you can find out more about it. If you want to know how to wear a mouth guard properly, you can drop by here!

N for noodles:

Noodles were also bought in supermarkets in packets - or as they say "hoarded". Because what do many people cook when you cook it yourself at home and it has to go fast: Sure, pasta!

O like online boom:

For "shopaholics" the Corona period was a disaster. But how good that there is the Internet! So online shops generated high sales and people could continue to do their shopping - without having contact to other people.

P for prominent dead:

Unfortunately far too many people have died of Covid-19. Among the dead are also a few celebrities. For example Covid-19 killed Roy Horn (of Siegfried and Roy), the "I Love Rock 'n' Roll - songwriter Alan Merill or the actress Lee Fierro.

Q for quarantine:

Quarantine is for your protection and the protection of all of us from infection with the virus. So the spreading of the disease should be prevented. With the 14-day domestic quarantine you stay at home for 2 weeks. You don't go to work, you don't go to school and you interrupt social contact for this time. Only in urgent cases, for example when visiting a doctor, you should leave the house - otherwise not. Friends or neighbours could take over the shopping.

R for R value:

The R-value is the reproductive rate. This value indicates how many people an infected person infects on average under the current conditions.

S for Social Distancing:

Much is often expressed in English - instead of "keeping physical distance", the formulation of "social distance" has prevailed. So there were no meetings with friends, no big birthday parties and no weddings. And that still applies: the smaller the circle, the better!

T for triage:

That's the name given to the decision a medical professional has to make: Who will be treated and who will be given up? A horror scenario of a pandemic that has become bitter reality in some places.

U for holiday:

Planned vacations had to be cancelled or postponed. This is not how most people had imagined their summer 2020. Because of uncertainties and travel restrictions, millions of people are planning a domestic holiday - why not? Germany also has beautiful destinations for excursions!

V for visors:

Also known as face shields. These are often used by hairdressers, opticians or doctors as additional protection. However, the visors are not supposed to keep aerosols from spreading as well as masks.

W for Wuhan:

Wuhan is a megacity in China. This city is said to be the origin of the pandemic.

X for XXL:

During the pandemic, many things were sold in bulk: Be it an XXL series marathon, an XXL football podcast, an XXL bottle to inflate for the pool or an XXL overview with Corona News.

Y for yoga mat:

Probably yoga has been done more often than ever before - yoga is not only helpful for fitness, but also for the psyche. So some were able to let their load be lifted by relaxation exercises.

Z for zoom:

The video app "Zoom" is now more popular than ever - especially for those who are in the home office. What used to be discussed in the office, in the coffee kitchen or at the conference table now happens on the screen.

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