World-Café Labour Market Integration

What are the (digital) barriers and proposed solutions to labour market integration? What's missing? Who could tackle that?

In the firt and second tours the discussion is focused on language skills, language acquisition, cultural knowledge and expectations from the perspective of the providers of interships and training as well as from the perspective of the target group of refugees, migrants- Reliability, punctuality, willingsness to perform and perseverance are qualities that are indispensable for successful development, professional opportunities and integration. In addition to professional supervision this requires a very high and close supervision, management and control of the interns. Godparents, who specifically look after a smaller group of people and are in close contact with employers (trainers), can provide support and guidance on specific topics.

The networking of volunteers and voluntary workers must be optimised. Volunteers are missing current information, guidelines, legal regulations etc. Defaults. As a rule, full-time staff do not know the godparents and their activities. his leads to mutual irriation and misinformation on all sides. Proposal: to establish an information and communication sturcture - generally as an informatin platform with all official information, possibilities, offers of language courses, legal and other information. Specifications, contact persons.

The acceptance of decisions, regulations etc. can be increased for applicants and volunteer fodparents through gerater transparency, insight into regulations and other perspectives.

Language skills must be promoted beyond language level B2. During the training period mentors can do valuable work in reading comprehension, abstracting and putting theory into practivce. Discussing simultaneously arising challenges in training with the migrant, encouraging, strengthening starmina. A described task, dafining the competences of sponsers promotes transparency and constructive cooperatin with the fill-time supervisors. The described scope of duties of the sponsers can be covered and can be better advertised.


Rita Schwahn
St. Marien- und Annastifts hospital

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