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Wanted at Junger Pfalzbau: Young actors for stage play

MAHALA INTERNATIONAL is a theatre group at "Junger Pfalzbau" Theatre in Ludwigshafen. The group especially addresses young refugees, but is open to everyone. It is led by author and theatre maker Luise Rist.

At the moment many actors and actresses of MAHALA INTERNATIONAL go into training or start studying and have no time for the theatre anymore. Therefore Luise is looking for young people between 15 and 24 years who want to participate in the current play "MÊM U ZÎN love stories". Especially young women with and without migration background are wanted! But also boys are very welcome.

Rehearsals take place on Fridays from 4 to 6 pm.

This play is currently being rehearsed:

MÊM U ZÎN love stories

Writer and director: Luise Rist, collaboration with Choman Bahram; music: Tayfun Ates and Ahmad Almir

Inspired by the Kurdish classic Mem u Zîn by Ehmedê Xani, comparable to the story of Romeo and Juliet, MAHALA INTERNATIONAL plays a piece about the question how free we really are in love. How dependent am I on the opinions of my friends, my parents, in relation to my new boyfriend, my new girlfriend! What are absolute No-Go's, what is forbidden, what is allowed - in Kurdistan, Afghanistan, in Syria, and here, in Germany?

In the group many funny and serious ideas about "bringing someone home for the first time" were born.  Luise Rist has written dialogues for the ensemble in which the rules of everyday life, which exist in every family in one way or another, seem absurdly funny to those who don't know them.

The piece consists of text and dance scenes, and is accompanied by the musicians Tayfun Ates and Ahmad Almir.

The premiere is on 3 July and further performances will take place at the Open World.


You want to join MAHALA INTERNATIONAL? Then get in touch with Luise!

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