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Tips for your mental health during Corona

At the moment you hear a lot of bad things when you watch the news: the corona infection numbers are rising, people are afraid of an infection or afraid of losing their jobs. These things bring worries.
Today we present some small tips to take care of yourself and your mental health in these difficult times.

1. Create an everyday structure

You can also create an everyday structure in your home office: always get up at the same time. Put on clothes that you would wear in the office. Create a workplace that you can leave during breaks. Also plan time for hobbies and nice things!

2. Do not read too many Corona messages

The best thing is to read the news once a day and get informed about the current situation. Only read news from reputable sources. For many people it is not good to read information about Corona all day. Take your time for it - but then try to think of other things.

3. Concentrate on what you can do

If you are afraid that you or your family will be infected, focus on the things you can change: Put on your mask, follow the rules of hygiene and distance. These are good things you can do and they will make you feel good.

4. Dedicate yourself to your leisure activities

Stay active and take time for your hobbies: you can do something creative like painting or handicrafts, you can buy plants and take care of them or cook for example. Our colleague Laleh says: "You can forget everything when you are cooking". :)

5. Move, go into nature

Especially if you spend the whole day indoors and at your desk, exercise is very important. The fresh air is good for everyone and if you have done sports, your head is often refreshed.

6. Keep contact with your friends

With all this social distancing, contacts and society can come off badly. If you miss your friends or colleagues, make digital appointments during your lunch break or go for a walk in the fresh air. The risk of infection is lower there.

7. Accept your feelings

It is quite normal to feel insecure, alone or stressed in such a new situation as the Corona crisis. Talk about the situation or write down your thoughts in a diary. Never forget: You are not alone with your thoughts or your fear.

8. If you do not feel good, get help!

You are not alone with your fears. And it helps to talk about your worries. Seek advice from friends or family. Or turn to a help center. In this article we have collected some help points for you.

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