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Streaming tips for August

Do you have trouble sleeping in the summer too? That's no problem anymore, because we have prepared 7 great new streaming tips for you! Look forward to exciting topics that will certainly keep you awake, such as racism, social justice, cultural diversity, integration and much more!

Here we go:

Selfmade: The Life of Madam C.J. Walker (Netflix)

After true events, the series focuses on the life of the African-American C.J. Walker. With her own forces she built a hair care empire - everything was "selfmade". In spite of racism and the battle of the sexes, C.J. Walker fought with body and soul for social justice. In this series you will learn how she went from being a simple laundress to the first female multi-millionaire in the USA.

Michael Che Matters (Netflix)

Michael Che is the star of Saturday Night Live - an American comedy show. He decides to talk about topics like inequality, homophobia and gentrification in a live recorded stand-up show. Gentrification is the displacement of low-income households by wealthy classes. If you want to know what Michael has to say about this and how his show will end, check out "Michael Che Matters"!

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Netflix)

Hasan Minhaj is a comedian, author, political commentator, television presenter and actor. Every Sunday in his comedy series he deals with current topics from the news, politics and culture worldwide - and he does so in a precise and philosophical way. Pure entertainment!

The Equalizer 2 (Netflix)

"The Equalizer 2" is a very recommendable movie, in the top 10 on Netflix, so if you like action, this is the right place. The leading role is occupied by Denzel Washington, who plays a former CIA killer named Robert McCall in the action movie. He fights on his own for justice, because he wants to avenge the murder of a close friend. But his enemies can hardly wait to finish his journey.

Indian Matchmaking (Netflix)

In Germany this is rather rare, but in India it is an ancient tradition: the arranged marriage. Sima Taparia helps her clients to find a partner for an arranged marriage. Is it that simple? If you are interested in how to proceed with such a marriage and how it all works then have a look at "Indian Matchmaking!

Unbelievable (Netflix)

This series is also based on a true event. A young woman is accused of imagining her rape. However, similar incidents are accumulating. Was the young woman lying or was she telling the truth? Find out on this exciting show!

The Dreamers (Immigration Documentary) - Real Stories (YouTube)

Their nickname is "The Dreamers". This is the name given to young people from Honduras and El Salvador who want to get closer to the "American Dream". They are ready to face all dangers on the way to America and they know that the journey could cost their lives, but the young people want only one thing: to cross the border between Mexico and America. More than 100,000 children, who are travelling without their parents, were arrested while trying to cross the border. But the question is: How many children disappeared on the way to the border? How many young people have not even made it there? In this documentary you can see how dangerous such a journey is and how the two 15-year-old boys, Joao and Anthony, risk their lives for it.


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