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Road survey: How do you deal with prejudice?

Ambition, punctuality and the closing time beer are typical ways to describe germans perfectly. To find it out Selina and Guofeng went to Mannheim and they spoke with people about cliches and stereotypes.

Mannheim - a city with cultural diversity and culinary offers. The perfect spot to discuss the topic cliches. But what does cliche even mean? What is that with stereotypes?

The word cliche comes from the french and means as much as a stencil or is a saying. A saying we use to judge people - it does not matter whether positive or negative. A saying we use to form an opinion about people without knowing them. But while using that saying we have to keep in mind that cultures are divers and flexible. Even our interviees share this opinion.

An thrilling road survey with interesting responds and a plurality of cultural differences can be found in the video "How do you deal with prejudice?"


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