Respect: People! e.V.

The association with the appeal in its name is the power centre of the Ludwigshafen Refugee Aid: Diversely committed, well networked and always ready to get involved in a good cause!

Respect: People! e. V. is a non-profit association in Ludwigsahfen which was founded as a citizen initiative for refugees in Ludwigshafen. Most of hte poeple in the association have experience of working with refugees through volunteer work in various organisations and cafés. The goal of repsect is formulated as people: The recognition of the dignity of every human being including refugees.

Respect: People! was built well before 2015, when, in relatively quiet times Ludwigshafen had a municipal colelctive housing to live in tiny apartments. Already at that time the members of the citizens', initiative were committed to the needs of the refugees in terms of accomodation, reasonably acceptable environmental conditions, cleanliness, accessibility, care, decent sanitary facilities and cooking facilities. Access to health care, education and employment were other concers of the group. The human tragedies behind expulsions and deportations have repeatedly given the activists around Marianne Spech and Christel Aderhold cause to speak out publicily and politically.

With the far greater number of refugees living in Ludwigshafen since 2015 helper circles have been established in practically every district of Ludwigshafen. Almost everywhere there are members of Respect: people with them. If you would like to have an overview of the needs of those assigned to Ludwigshafen but also need information about the help and support services in Ludwigshafen you can, with respect: Poeple! ask. The members of the association which was founded in 2014, are so well networked that they are still able to act effectively as advocated of the group pf refugees even in front of the political bodies and actors in the city. A lot of individual commitment in many ideas is also part of it. On the informative website of the association and via facebook you can find out almost everything about the activities and initiatives of the group, whose leading members have been honoured. 

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