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Recommendations to be less racist

Sometimes we don't even notice it, sometimes we do it unconsciously. Sometimes we hurt people - with racist statements and racist behaviour. That's why we would like to give you a few recommendations that will help you to be less racist.

  • If you meet a person and ask them "Where are you from?" and they answer with "Hamburg", then accept their answer. Avoid asking directly about the origin of the parents or grandparents. Ask yourself: Why do I really want to know? Do I have to ask the person this question? 
  • If you do not know any person who has had racist experience, it does not mean that there is no racism. Others suffer from it all the more.
  • When people talk about racism and white people in debates, you should not feel personally offended or take the statements very much to heart in these discussions, because this is about social tension. It is not about you.
  • If you utter racist jokes, it can hurt people. "That was just a joke, no offense." Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way. People often associate racist jokes with violent experiences you may not be aware of. That's why such jokes are anything but funny.
  • If you see someone being racially assaulted, help them out. You can ask them directly what you can do for them. But don't do anything that the person in question doesn't want to do!
  • If you have the opportunity to give people a voice, then do this! Whether at an event, at school or at sports. Invite people with migration background and give them the opportunity to be heard.
  • If you want to talk to someone about his or her experiences with racism, think before you do so, because this is a very personal question. Be respectful of the fact that not everyone can talk to you about it at all times. Give them time and space!
  • If people with a migration background have no idea, then treat them like all other people who have no idea. Because not every person with a migration background is an expert on immigration, integration, religions or foreign countries.
  • If someone points out to you that a remark has hurt the person, then take a deep breath. It is best to count to 10 in your head and avoid a counter-attack, because that is how disputes arise. You do not want to verbally hurt the person a second time.

More recommendations and tips to be less racist can be found here.


We hope that we have made you think and that you think before you ask a person something. Think about whether the person might take your question or statement as racist. #saynotoracism 

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