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Pregnancy during Corona - Questions and answers

For people who are expecting a child, the Corona time is a special challenge. There is much uncertainty and many questions. We would like to answer some of them today.

However, since the virus is still new and scientists are just beginning research, there is not a sure answer to all questions. So we will inform you according to the current state of research.


Am I particularly at risk from the virus during my pregnancy?

No, you are no more at risk as a pregnant woman than any other human being. So far there are no studies that show that pregnant women are more likely to have a severe course of the disease.


Does the virus affect the unborn baby?

Because the virus has not been known long enough, there is not much information about it. So far, there is no evidence of transmission of the disease to the unborn child.


As a pregnant woman, can or must I protect myself from the virus?

No, you should simply follow the hygiene rules that all people should follow: wash your hands regularly, keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other people, sneeze/cough in the crook of your arm and follow the official rules concerning face masks.


What should I do if I test positive for the virus?

You should call your gynaecologist and inform him or her that you have become infected. If only mild symptoms appear afterwards, you can recover at home. If the symptoms are severe, you should be treated in a hospital.


If I am infected: Can I still keep my appointments with my gynaecologist?

If you are infected, contact your gynaecologist immediately. They will give you information and advice on how to continue your examinations.


Can I also give birth in hospital if I am infected with Corona?

You can definitely give birth in hospital, also with a infection. Special hygiene measures must be observed. Some people even recommend to give birth in hospital, because there you have better monitoring and many doctors are there.

With the support of a midwife it is also possible to give birth at home or in a birth centre. There you can get information from your midwife.


Can the father of the child or another person be present during birth?

Unfortunately we cannot give a general answer to this question. This varies from hospital to hospital or from region to region in Germany. It is best to ask your midwife or the hospital.


If I am infected with Corona: Can my newborn child still stay with me?

Yes, mother and child are not separated because of an infection. Then special hygiene rules must be observed in the hospital and also at home (for example when breastfeeding).


Is the baby particularly at risk from the virus?

There are no studies available on this either. According to current knowledge, babies are not more endangered.


Can I have a visit to the maternity ward?

Again, we cannot give a uniform answer. The best way to find out is to contact your clinic directly.


Can I breastfeed my baby?

Yes, you may breastfeed your child. So far there is no information that the virus can be transmitted via breast milk.

However, if you as a mother are infected, you should observe hygiene rules when breastfeeding: before and after breastfeeding you should wash your hands and wear a facial mask while breastfeeding. Here you find further information and hygiene rules.


Will I be cared for by a midwife in the time after the birth, even if I am infected?

Yes, even if you are ill, a midwife may visit you for care. 


Where can I find more information on this topic? 

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

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