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Pentecost – How is it celebrated?

Monday is a public holiday in Germany - Whit Monday. And also Whit Sunday today is an important day for Christian people. But we asked ourselves: Are there actually traditions or customs that belong to the days of Pentecost every year?

Of course there is the church calendar: Pentecost is the most important holiday of the year after Easter and Christmas. The festival takes place 50 days after Easter. According to the Bible, it was on this day that the Holy Spirit came to the disciples of Jesus on earth. From that day on they could speak in different languages and thus proclaim the message of Jesus to the whole world. It is therefore the "birthday" of the church. Here you can also find a video that explains the whole story. Usually, when it is not Corona time, many Christians go to church on Sundays and Mondays. 

But I also asked the alvivi team if there are some personal traditions at Pentecost:

Guofeng is Catholic. Nevertheless, there is no fixed program for Pentecost in her family. Often they all spend a nice day together. But sometimes they even work.

For Julia, Pentecost often heralds the barbecue season. The long weekend is a good time for it. Apart from this there are no other traditions. This year, because of Corona, the barbecue is only held in a smaller circle with the family.

Mario has only rarely spent Whit sunday and monday in Germany in the last few years. He has often spent this time on holiday by the sea, for example in Italy or France. There he also visited friends or relatives. This year another holiday is planned because of Corona: He will go to the North Sea. 

For Regina, Whit Sunday is above all a hiking day. In her home there is always a big hike on this day, where there is music and stalls for wine and food. Every year you meet many friends there.

So all in all the long weekend is mainly used to spend time with the family. This year everything is different than usual, but we hope you have a good time despite Corona!

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