KochKultur from Weinheim

KochKultur from Weinheim

Integration goes through the stomach. KochKultur has decided itself to this mission as a non-profit enterprise and connects locals and refugees by cooking and eating together. In the course of cooking courses, events and kichen parties, intercualtiral emphathy is mutually strengthened. But for KochKultur this is only the beginning.

KochKultur provides the participating refugees with futher training relevant to the labour market and society. In their role as hosts the refugees became ambassadors of their culture, experiencing appreciation and self-efficacy. The local guests on the other hand get a personal access to foreign cultures thorugh the encounter. In this encounter integration happens. To ensure the sustainable success of the concept, BASF, KochKultur is supporting the expansion of the offers. 

alvivi ist das Info-Portal für Flüchtlinge, Migranten und Helfer.

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