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Internet access

For refugees and new immigrants, the internet is an important way of keeping in touch with their families and gaining access to information.

Internet access via mobile phones / smartphones

When using Internet tariffs with a mobile phone / smartphone, it is important to consider whether they are real flatrate tariffs (without quantitative limitation of the data volume) or whether they contain a specified and limited data volume. After a possible inclusive volume has been exceeded, either the surfing speed can be significantly reduced (usually without additional costs) or the additional data volume consumed can result in additional, possibly even significantly higher costs. In order to avoid nasty surprises, it is advisable to clarify this point with the provider before concluding a contract.

More information about mobile phone contracts

Free WLAN (WiFi)

In larger cities, there are many places with free Internet access (Free WLAN / Free WiFi). Often restaurants or cafés, shopping centres or even public institutions such as town halls and citizens' offices offer free WLAN. The major telecommunication providers have also set up public WLAN access for their customers.

For Ludwigshafen there is a map showing all free WLAN access points.

Committed volunteers have joined forces in the organisation "Freifunk Rhein-Neckar". On their website you will find a map with 1,000 "nodes" in the region, i.e. places where you can use the internet free of charge via the Freifunk network.

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