Essen Eis Icecream Spaghettieis
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The ice cream with the crunchy cream

Everyone knows them: The scoops of ice cream that sweeten our summer. They are available in different colours and flavours: Green stands for pistachio, red tastes like strawberry and white is the yoghurt ice cream.

Maybe you have ever seen an ice cream that looks like spaghetti with tomato sauce? Then you have seen it right! Because it really does exist!

What's that all about?

Spaghetti ice cream looks like pasta with tomato sauce and grated parmesan. But in reality this dish is sweet and cold. It consists of vanilla ice cream, strawberry puree, cream and white chocolate shavings. Strawberry puree is like a porridge and serves perfectly as a sauce. The white chocolate looks like grated Parmesan cheese and the main ingredient is pasta - consisting of vanilla ice cream.

Where does the ice cream come from?

Most people probably think that both regular ice cream and spaghetti ice cream comes from Italy. This is not quite true, because the inventor is Italian, but he invented spaghetti ice cream in Germany - in Mannheim! Dario Fontanella is the man who brought spaghetti ice cream to life. He took over his father's ice cream shop in Mannheim, who emigrated to Germany in the 1930s. In 1969 the time had come: Spaghetti ice cream was invented!

Why is the cream so nice and crunchy?

At first, not everything went according to plan for Dario Fontanella. For the "spaghetti noodles" he used a Spätzle press. But because of its too high temperature the ice cream melted - it was no longer ice cream, but rather a sauce. He had an idea and put the Spätzle press in the freezer for a few minutes. He managed to produce spaghetti-like threads of ice cream and mixed whipped cream into the vanilla ice cream to give the ice cream that certain something. The whipped cream freezes on contact with the cold vanilla ice cream, which is why the cream is so beautifully "crunchy".


The ice cream quickly became popular and is now offered in almost all ice cream shops in Germany. There are even other variations of spaghetti ice cream: instead of vanilla ice cream chocolate ice cream can be used. The pasta is no longer light but dark. But many ice cream parlors fall back on the original: Spaghetti with tomato sauce and parmesan.

Have you ever had a spaghetti ice cream? If not, then take a look at the ice cream parlour near you!


Spaghettieis Dunkel
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