I want to help. What do I have to pay attention to?

How can volunteers help integrate refugees? And what role does the commitment of volunteers play in the immigration society?

The Integration Media Service provides a good overview of volunteers' commitment to integration in Germany.

"Accompanying refugees is important and can be enriching. In any case, it is one thing: demanding. Those who want to get involved should clarify their own demands, expectations and limits in order to avoid disappointments and overburdening. (Quote: Caritas)

The Caritas Bundesverband provides tips and information:

  • Self-check: Do I want to volunteer for refugees?

  • Where are the limits of voluntary work for refugees?

  • What help and support do refugees need?

  • Examples of commitment: Encounters, everyday accompaniment, leisure activities, mentorships, help for children and young people and much more.

Stiftung Warentest informs about labour, tenancy and insurance law aspects of the commitment: How am I covered if I injure myself as a volunteer? Who is liable if, as a volunteer, I injure another person or destroy something? Can I have my employer exempt me if I want to help refugees on a voluntary basis? Do I need the consent of my landlord before I accept refugees? Should I inform the housing insurer before I accommodate refugees as a homeowner?

On you will find materials and information on the topic of volunteer coordination and the framework conditions for volunteer work.

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