How do I become a mentor?

As a mentor, you make personal contact with individual refugees or refugee families, accompany them on the way into their new life and support them in various life situations. Many refugees need support in dealing with the authorities or visiting a doctor, in filling out an application or in finding a job or an apartment. The mentorship gives them the opportunity to use their German language skills in everyday life.

Each family or individual person is provided with a mentor via institutions or associations if desired and required. You need a police clearance certificate if you want to mentor underage refugees or children in general. This can be obtained from the town hall, citizens' office or online. If you apply for the police clearance certificate via a private institution, you will usually receive it free of charge.

There are numerous institutions in which you can get involved on a voluntary basis.  If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, get in touch with the relevant institutions and associations.

What traits are useful when being a mentor?

  • Openness for other cultures and ways of behavior
  • Apprehension of people in flight situations who have lost everything and have been torn out of their culture.
  • Willingness to help
  • Assertiveness and perseverance, for example in dealings with authorities
  • Organizational skills
  • Team spirit, as you are usually a member of a volunteer team
  • A lot of patience, because many things take time


For more information about becoming a mentor, please visit the following websites

Aktiv für Flüchtlinge RLP


Initiatives in the metropolitan region where you can bevome a mentor

Rock your Life (Mannheim)

KinderHelden, Cleverlinge, StarkMacher (Mannheim und Region)

Start with a friend (Mannheim)

LeLaLu (Ludwigshafen)

Lernpaten (Ludwigshafen)

Chancen gestalten (Heidelberg)



If you know any other organisations, please let us know!

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