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Harvest helpers wanted!

Soon it will be harvest time again. But there is a shortage of labor. Due to the corona virus, no workers can enter Germany from neighbouring European countries. Therefore farmers are actively looking for volunteers. In spring, workers are needed for harvesting, marketing and logistics of field-fresh products.

So if you would like to support our farmers and save our harvest, please register here. You can indicate when and how long you are available. Previous experience is advantageous, but not necessary. You can also indicate your skills or previous experience. This way farmers can better assign you and you will find the right area for you. Farmers who are looking for workers also have the possibility to fill in job offers here.  

This page helps you to find a suitable match. So a suitable farmer from your area or a suitable worker.

With your efforts you can help farmers to survive and also to secure your own income. Because by helping with the harvest you earn money on the side. The payment you make out with your farmer.

The farmers and we would be very happy about your help!


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