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Feast of Corpus Christi: What are we celebrating today?

Spring is full of holidays. Also this week is shorter than usual because of a day off. Many people do not work on Friday either and take advantage of the long weekend.

The festival that is celebrated this week is called Feast of Corpus Christi. This is an important day for Christian people. But what is the history of this day and what are the traditions with which this day is celebrated today?

Corpus Christi takes place every year on the second Thursday after Pentecost. On this day the "Eucharist" is celebrated. The Eucharist is also called the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion.

It is part of every service.

It reminds us of the Last Supper, when Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples. For Christians it symbolizes the presence of Jesus Christ.

And this is exactly what is celebrated this Thursday: Corpus Christi.

There are large processions in many places. There the Christians walk together from church through the streets and carry the blessed bread in a noble golden vessel. In this way they want to show it to all people.

In addition, many pictures out of flowers are prepared everywhere, this is also called "flower carpet". These pictures show different Christian motives.

Have a nice weekend!

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