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Facts and errors about the Corona App

Since Tuesday we can use the German Corona App. It helps us break chains of infection. The Corona App does not know who you are: everything happens anonymously. If you meet a person who also uses the app, your smartphones will exchange encrypted codes. These codes tell you that you had contact with the person, how long your encounter lasted and how far apart you were. However, no names or location data are passed on. Since the other user will never know that your smartphones have exchanged codes, your identity remains secret.

If you or someone you have had contact with tests positive for Covid-19, all users will receive a warning. This is done by the code that your smartphones have exchanged. The Corona App gives you concrete recommendations on how to behave best and what your next steps could be. Otherwise the code will be deleted from your smartphone after 14 days.  

The use of the app is voluntary. You are solely responsible for whether you download the app or not. Maybe you're one of those who still doubt the app. Therefore we would like to explain some facts about the Corona App and remove some mistakes.

Fact 1

When you use the app, no one knows where or when you met with someone. No personal data such as name, age or address are required. The codes are encrypted. This protects your smartphone's identity and your privacy. You do not need to create an account to use the app. This means that your e-mail address will not be requested.

Fact 2

If the app tells you that you have had contact with an infected person, the health department cannot immediately send you to quarantine. For the public health department, it is not exactly clear which persons have received a warning message. The app also does not allow quarantine monitoring, as it is not GPS-compatible. It is your responsibility if you go into quarantine! 

Fact 3

If you report as infected via the app, you will not be publicly accused or criticized. You can voluntarily enter the code into the app if you have tested positive. The people you have had contact with will receive notification that they have had contact with an infected person, but they will not know who you are or where and when the encounter took place.

Fact 4

When the app is running in the background, you can continue chatting, listening to music or making phone calls as usual. Your battery will not run out any faster because the app uses a special technology called "Bluetooth Low Energy".

Fact 5

When you download the app, you can uninstall it just like any other app. This means that once you have the Corona App, you won't have it on your mobile phone forever - you can delete it again.


It is understandable and reasonable to fear for your data and your security. But there are other apps that we use regularly and even offer less privacy protection. You decide whether you want to get the app and thus protect other people, but also yourself, or not.

We wish you continued good health!


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