ComeTogether - offener Theatertreff Heidelberg
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Come Together: Open theatre get-together in Heidelberg

You want to play theatre in Heidelberg and want to be creative? Then you have to visit the theatre get-together called "ComeTogether". The get-together takes place every Monday. Everybody is welcome: It does not matter where you actually come from or whether you already have experience with theatre. All you need for the two hours are comfortable clothes and a good mood.

How come the theatre get-together?

The first idea of the initiators of "ComeTogether" was: We want to help refugees with our program and project. Later on they realized there are also people, who did not flee, looking for a place, where they can come together with other people and have fun together, get to know each other and create mutual experiences.

There is not only offered a room where you can feel safe and integrated, it is a room where you can let your creativity and emotions run free. Acceptance and diversity are important factors for them. They do not care about your appearance or your origin, everybody is allowed to take part. With various kinds of games like with the body, with pictures, with music or even with mirrors the participants get to know themselves and each other better.

Reliance, family and unity - do you want to join the get-together? Then just drop by ComeTogether on monday!

More insights into the culturally diverse get-together can be found in the video "ComeTogether - open theatre get-together in Heidelberg".

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