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alvivi in the home office

We at alvivi have also been working in our home office for a few weeks now. Nevertheless, we try to keep you up to date in the best possible way and inform you about current events here in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region!

We had to re-furnish our home office and get used to the situation. Some spend more time with the children now. Some of us now take care more of the family or the household. That's why we thought: Let us share our changeover with you! Here you will find insights into how we are doing in our home office:


Since Kenan has been working from home, he saves a lot of time. He doesn't have to use public transport for much longer - and he is happy about that. Because in this way he reduces the risk of coming into contact with the corona virus. In return, Kenan can spend more time in the garden. But he misses the social contact with friends and work colleagues. Even interviews cannot be filmed and events cannot be attended as usual. Now interviews are conducted online. He says he has adapted well to the situation and hopes that the projects can be continued as planned.


"I was very surprised and excited." This is how Regina felt when she found out that the university was going to close because of Covid-19. Since there's usually more distraction at home, she needed to find a quiet place to work. And that wasn't easy. Still, she thinks it's great how quickly people with creative solutions got used to the change. Regina also misses the social life, for example in the cafeteria or the library. She hopes that the team will soon be able to exchange ideas in one place again - with security precautions, of course.


A lot has changed for Mo in the home office. His first thought was his son when it was said: we are doing home office. Since kindergartens are closed, his son spends most of his time with him. So he has to manage his time well. Mo now tries to work earlier in order to be able to complete his tasks undisturbed. He also hopes to be able to work and move around freely, because with contact restrictions it is more difficult for him to shoot videos with people. And another thing he misses a lot: the breaks with his colleagues.


For Robin, the home office has several advantages. Since he is one of the at-risk patients and no longer needs to use public transport, he can manage his time at home and use it effectively. As a graphic designer he does not need much: only his laptop and programs to create graphics. But what he misses are his colleagues and small talk. In the home office Robin has to deal more with technical things. But he also notices that the team spirit has become stronger.  He also wishes that everything will soon return to normal and that everyone will stay healthy.


Like Robin, Guofeng also suffers from asthma. She can now reduce the risk of contracting the disease by not having to use public transport. Through her home office she can spend more time with her family and for example have lunch together. It has been years since the last time a lunch together was timed. She is therefore also happy to be able to support her mother more in the household. Unfortunately Guofeng misses her friends and colleagues as well as going out a lot. Due to Corona she had to change her plans for studies and holidays. She hopes that society will stick to the measures to accelerate the decline of Covid-19 and not to endanger other people. Then social contacts can be cultivated again and we don't have to worry about our health anymore.

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